Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cats Under My Bed

I haven't slept too well last night.
For the past several nights in fact!!
There were cats under my bed, you see.
And they came to life just as I was about to cross the last stile and drift off into the land of nod.
My woes find shape in the form of Don C, Ging's erstwhile love interest, who creeps into our lair as soon as the lights are out.
For those not in the know,
Don C is a bandit..Not the Antonio 'Desperado' Banderas types, but the mean,greedy Ugly types...of Good, Bad & Ugly fame. This, people, is not the ranting of an over-protective cat mommy incensed by the local Romeo's courtship of her feline child. Don C is indeed an unsavoury kibble-digger,without a single scrupulous bone in his furry body....A typical rogue lover who weasels his way into the heart of a demure maiden with both eyes trained on her food bowl!! And even though the scales had dropped from Ging's eyes long back, she lacked the gumption to send the bounder packing, when he slunk in to crunch down her meal in the anonymity of darkness.Which is why the events of last night came as a rude shock to me.
I was well settled under my covers and about to hop, skip & jump past the last level of consciousness into blissful sleep, when a tremulous "hssppssst" rudely broke my run.
As I struggled to wakefulness, another hssppssst -this time stronger and fiercer- cut through the silence. My first panicked thoughts were about the wicked snake-beastie. And then reason raised its cold antiseptic head.
I frantically poked about the bed with my foot, trying to locate my cowering kitty...But came up with naught.Yet another violent 'hhhhsssst' rent the air. And a moment later, a semi-hesitant deep throated miaow permeated the air.
Panicked by visions of kitty being pounded to pulp by the neighbourhood mafioso, I peered blearily under the bed. Two startled pairs of fiery yellow eyes glared back at me.
Don C and, surprise of surprises, a bristling Ging.
Kitty probably wanted to show-off her new found bravado, because, much to my shock, Ging fluffed herself out like a feline yeti, sprung out her talons and emitted the most blood-curling shriek I have ever heard in my whole entire life.
I froze.
Don C backed gingerly, almost into my face, and scampered out of the room before I found my voice.
As for Ging....well, she nonchalantly licked herself a couple of times, before shooting a triumphant "didn't I kicked a***??" look at me.
Sighing deeply, I huddled back under my covers.
One small hssst for mankind...A sonic boom in Moggie Land.

:) :)


Roopa said...

With Don C out on the prowl, you better close the windows at night. You don't give a mafioso too many loopholes :).

Miaow!!! said...

Roopa, Doc C doesn't come in through the windows. He is too fat to wriggle thru :) :)
But, out local ruffian romeo seems to have retired temporarily from the field...He didn't put in an appearance ystrday even though the bedroom door was wide open...
Ging has been walking around the house all morning with her lips drawn up and her teeth shining through in a weird funny cat grin...

shail said...

The sonic boom in the Moggie household has been well chronicled!

Miaow!!! said...

Thank you Shail...