Friday, January 2, 2009

The Bad Girl On New Year's

I have been terrible this New Year.....Really really bad!!!
For starters, I did not party on the 31st. Or even make an effort to ring in the New Year with a lot of noise & fanfare. No, I did not cheer wildly at the crackers in the skies or embark on an effusive hugs & air-kisses spree as the clock struck 12. Heck, I didn't even have a sip of the vino.
And did I feel deprived? Not at all.
Then, I passed up on a million opportunities to mindlessly pelt colleagues, friends and family with saccharine sweet emails & smses that wished them health, wealth and happiness. Somewhere along the way, I had talked myself into believing that my restraint would only control e-trash, apart from alleviating the aches in the heads and fingers of half the world's population.
And finally, I trashed my little black book and gave everyone a break from having to make small talk with one more effusive human being! Here, I must confess that I was just making sure that I was starting 2009 with a lot less crispy fried grey cells.
Now before you write me off as a social recluse, let me tell you all that I was only doing my wee bit to keep my carbon foot-print down!
.....Well, truth be told, I was actually nursing a terrible head cold which, as the best of us know, is a great leveller. Not the best of ways to kick start a New Year. But then, if one has not done all the conventional things that a 30 something adult normally does to ring in the New Year and even worse, has achieved nothing very much because she mindlessly sleep-walked through the first day of the New Year in a state of drug induced stupor..Well then, how bad can the rest of the year be?
It simply has to go uphill from there, right?
*fingers crossed*


Prasanna said...

That's great! Even I don't take those poisons on 31st Dec....... But pssst psssst rest 364 days are OK! :-))

Miaow!!! said...

:) :)

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