Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Lady In Blue

At a party this evening, I spotted a gay young lady in blue. She giggled and sparkled but beneath her vivacious charm, I thought I could spot reserve. She sported no man at her side. And when as I was beginning to think that she was a solo act, I heard her mutter to a confidante in an angry undertone "This is precisely what I was telling you about. I don't have a face!!!. For so many years, I have dressed myself in alien costumes, performed rituals that made no sense to me and tolerated rude, narrow minded people I can barely communicate with...Just so that he does not loose face in his society. But does he even know that I have a face too?"
Obviously not I thought to myself, as my heart went out to her.
And then, I quickly arranged my features into an expression of nonchalance as her glance swept over the room and embraced all within with a warm dazzling smile.
Sometimes life sucks, doesn't it?


shail said...

Hmmm... it sure does. Don't get dazzled by dazzling smiles. ;)

Miaow!!! said...

U bet Shail..
All that glitters is not gold, is it?
:) :)