Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ladies,Don't Get Mad....Get Chocolate!!!

Ladies, if you are crazily in love or in search of this delightful emotion, stock up on Baskin Robbins' Bavarian Chocolate or Ferrero Rocher Gelato! If neither are easily available, stash away boxes of Bounty, Snickers or Twix bars in your refrigerator...Failing which, keep your fingers crossed and hope that the local supermarket runs a 'Buy One, Get One Free' offer on facial tissues while you are out shopping for your monthly groceries.

Because, chances are you will need one or all of these three to cope with the tears that are bound to follow when the first flush of love starts to pale.

Like it or not....With deep love comes conflict and.......pain. There is no point telling yourself otherwise, because that is the way love goes. Many times, we are pained because of the difference in the way men and women respond to conflict in an intimate relationship.

Men, I am told on excellent authority, need to take time out when caught in a hostile situation. They need to get away and air their minds....focus off the steam and then return home with a lighter soul when the sun comes down.

We women, on the other hand, love to talk and analyse everything threadbare, so that everything is sorted out tidily. Perhaps it stems from our 'homemaker' genes which hates loose ends and unfinished business. After all, what is an argument left incomplete or a fight not sorted out?

Unfinished business, right?

So, what would be the anatomy of an inter-planetary skirmish?

Two talking furiously at each other instead of to each other?...A sense of annoyance and frustration which culminates in the Martian running to the hills for space....Leaving in his wake, a fuming Venusian who frets and brood herself into teary anger, all of which is unleashed as sulks or more squalls on the happy martian when he returns home.

Imagine that!!!

But fellow Venusians, fear not. You no longer have to talk your man into a miserable knot, in the hope of receiving emotional reassurance and comfort in the aftermath of a war.

Help, in the form of chocolate, is at hand!

Let's face it...for 99% of the women, chocolate, in one form or the other, equals love and romance. It tastes great...It makes us happy...And, it supposedly lowers risk of cancer and heart disease.

True, chocolate is an indulgence. But, difficult times warrant indulgences. Especially when it promises moments of true ecstasy...And a phenylethylamine induced high which gives us the same warm fuzzy feelings of comfort that love does...

What more can we ask for?

For those of you who are prone to feelings of guilt, do remind yourself of the health benefits chocolate offers...After all, we do owe it to ourselves to keep ourselves healthy, don't we?

So ladies, if you are fuming after the retreating back of your man, stay cool. Reach out for that much loved chocolate bar or a jumbo tub of your favourite chocolate ice-cream. And if your martian rumbles like Mt. Etna about excess flab on your figure, smile sweetly through your choco-high and tell him there is all the more of you to love!!!


Ganga Dhanesh said...

sigh...why does it sound all so familiar? but i suppose over time martians and venusians (why does this computer put a dashed red line under venusian and not under martian?@$#)will settle into their own skirmish sorting routines...(with plenty of chocolate thrown in too :)

Roopa said...

Hmmm..there seems to be whole lot of personal experience involved in this extremely insightful post :)...the problem is I don't like chocolate so much. No wonder I never get that warm, fuzzy feeling :(

Miaow!!! said...

Roopa, this "insightful" post is a result of a researched theory, which popped into my mind one morning and then was fleshed out by friends both martian and venusian...
:) :)
You don't like chocolate very much??? LOL, the boxes of tissues were for the remainder 1%...
:) :)

Miaow!!! said...

Ganga, let's hope so..but in the meantime, we do have chocolate..
:) :)