Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watch Out, Here Come The Burundanga Rapists!

Move over MSG & Progesterex, for here come the Burundanga Rapists!
For those not in the know, Burundanga is the newest drug of choice in the world of hormonally overcharged control freaks! Apparently, the rapists and the wanna-be rapists of this world have finally woken up to the fact that
Progesterex, like the holy grail, was a myth after all. That MSG in Coke was not the aphrodisiac it was purported to be. And that a vast majority of the forwards on Date Rape Drugs are the stuff urban legends are made of.
However, the perverts were not deterred, which is why we now have the Burundanga to watch out for. And guess what? This time, the pervs have become creative!
No more the hackneyed method of slipping pills into drinks when the intended victim is looking elsewhere distractedly.
In an inspired stroke of genius, they are now handing out calling cards which are, guessed right, doused in Burundanga!! These vile smelling cards will, quite naturally, paralyse us women into a zombie-like trance, incapable of thinking or reacting, allowing the perv brigade to have their lustful ways with us.
Now, this is what the latest Urban Legend in cyber-space would have us believe.
I came to know of the Burundanga threat the way most of us hear about such bad news....Through a forward. Fortunately or unfortunately, consistent exposure to the threats of date-rape drugs, life threatening female hygiene products, carcinogenic personal care products and their likes have made a skeptic of me. To me, such scare-mails prey on more on female vulnerability than actually promote their safety.

Even so, as I stared at the intoxicating forward in my inbox, the Burundanga began to work its magic on me. Forward it to all your women crooned soothingly to me...Forward it to all the men you know so that they can worry some more about the women in their lives. I would have probably succumbed to the delicious voice and mindlessly hit forward, if it hadn't been for my Iron Will which demanded in shrill tones that I google.
And thank goodness for small mercies.
It appeared that while Burundanga did exist in the dark alleys of Columbia's criminal world- Quite natural, considering that they grow the dratted trees!!! - the drug also had no noticeable odour or taste and required prolonged contact for appreciable effect. Research suggested that if there indeed were pervs lurking about in the civilised world with the Burundanga scented cards, they would have to be incredibly horny to have followed through on the idea. Either that or downright stupid!

Of course, this is not to suggest that women should take the threat of rape lightly. Most definitely not. As young children, quite a few of us were told to be wary of strangers and any delectable offerings they may proffer. We were taught the difference between the 'good' and 'bad' touches. And we were taught to scream for help the minute someone, by word, look or gesture, set the alarm bells clanging in our heads. The rules did not change when we grew up. On the contrary, most women of today apply it across a wide spectrum of activities that they engage in. The fact is fear of rape is embedded in the psyche of almost all women. And women are wired to be cautious.

So, do we really need to perpetuate mindless panic through hoax-mails that only serve to play on the fear factor?
While we cannot stop Urban Legends from mushrooming in cyberspace, surely we can stop to check its veracity before hitting the all important forward button.

In a world already bridled by negativitism, do we really need to propagate fear any further?
I think not!


shail said...

Absolutely right! And another thing, you spread mindless fear and that gives one more reason to keep the women under wraps and in control.

Roopa said...

Burundanga - that is a new one for me. These cyber hoaxes are becoming real creative, aren't they! But what you say is absolutely true - i wish there were more of us who don't propogate such hoaxes intentionally or unintentionally.

Miaow!!! said...

LOL Roopa, shud I forward the Burundanga threat to u? :P :P
Everytime I open my Yahoo inbox, the evil drug hysterically screams 'Forward Forward' at me....
:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'd seen the email too, but the twist in your post certainly was an eye-opener. Thanks for the insight!

Roopa said...

Don't you dare to! Or I will personally come and mix some burundanga in your coke or something :p

Crissy Hope said...

A few clarifications:
1. Rape has nothing to do with being horny. That's like saying people punch you because they're having seizures-related flailing. Rape is a crime of terror, rooted in a perverted connection between sex and power.

2. Burundanga victimization is difficult to prevent by cautious behavior because (a) it is odorless and my be in a cigarette, water, gum, or dusted on a map, and (b) it is not apparent when one has been drugged with burundanga.

3. I really was drugged with Burundanga and gang raped in Belize. But when it really happens, you don't put it on facebook. You don't forward or ask anyone to forward your story, which actually sucks, because it is the true stories that should circulate, huh? Well, it is a tool of terror used to control a specific population and it works.

Anonymous said...
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Miaow!!! said...

Crissy, first of all I am truly sorry that you have experienced the trauma of gang rape. I can quite understand if this post has hurt a throbbing scar and would like to apologise if the flippant note of this post has inadvertently hurt your feelings.
I had not wanted to take a serious note on the matter of rape, date rape drugs because the central point I was trying to make pertained to the matter of emails that spread fear esp amongst women. That rape is all about power is well known. I think such emails are rooted in the same emotions - terror as a means of control/power.
I had researched Burundanga quite a bit on the Internet before writing and everything in my post is backed by data. There are links provided as well, although I have not linked to all the sources I found. My understanding was that Burundanga, like most drugs, did not knock anyone out instantly and definitely not through smell. I am not arguing for or against the efficacy of Burundanga...especially not with someone who has been at the receiving end. However, I would still maintain that mails which promote fear are to be avoided..For the exact same reason that you mentioned- they are peverted, rooted in terror and I beleive the specific population you mentioned also have the right to mental peace!!!