Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trash Those Damn Resolutions!

It is that time of the year again!
The air is abuzz with party plans and festivities..with laughter and giggles...with warm fuzzy love vibes as people reach out to one another....
And, much to my regret, it is buzzing with resolutions as well!!!
Apart from swapping notes on New Year plans, it appears that the favourite past-time of a vast majority of the urban population is to identify resolutions to ring in the New Year. Almost everyone seeks a goal for the year ahead with a passion that they might not even dedicate to the discovery of the Holy Grail.
It isn't that I have a bee in my bonnet about resolutions. I do not....Even though resolutions do go against my belief that one should ease up in life and enjoy the joyride for what it is worth. But over the past many days, I have watched people obsessing about resolutions. A gazillion ideas have been pounced upon with unholy glee and examined with abating excitement. Some are found wanting and discarded almost at once. Others are adopted with much enthusiasm and fan fare. Resolutions have indeed become the season's hottest fashion accessory!
People just can't seem to stop talking about them..

Who has the best resolutions? And how many?
Not the most relevant, mind you..Nor the most meaningful...Not even the most achievable, for that matter.
It just has to be the best on one's social circuit.
And right in the middle of this resolution crazed world, stands poor non-believing me who is just too energy deficient to even thinking of going with the flow.
I gave up on resolutions a long long time ago. Too much of effort you see. And it did hurt my posterior, not to mention my ego, when I fell off by the wayside on day 2 of the New Year.
So after giving resolutions a shot or two, I quit. Because I realised that I was rather happy being me. I did not want to talk or eat less or lose more weight. I did not aspire to be more diplomatic or less obsessive about details. If I were to control my temper or throw lesser tantrums or worse, stop talking to myself, I would be very uncomfortable in my own skin.

And where would I be without my day dreams & idealism???
I did not want to cut back on my vices - caffeine, cocoa & passive smoking- without which I would be very lost. And I most definitely did not want to connect with friends and family or make new friends under duress.
I realised that I like myself just the way I am. And that I would like to live life one day at a time, savouring its joys and growing from the sorrows that may come my way. Along the way, I may set goals for myself..But that would only be because the need for it comes from deep within and not because it is the flavour of the season.
And so, to the kind hearted souls who come my way determined to help me identify resolutions, just so that I belong, and to those still in search of their resolutions, I have only one thing to say - Trash Those Damn Resolutions!!!! .....Seize The Day!!!...Live In The Moment
Happy New Year Folks!

Pssst: For those of you out there who are still in search of resolutions, try
Benrik. Benrik's This Diary Which Will Change Your Life has some really interesting goals which are sure to make you the talk of your social circuit. And for those of you who, like me, disdain resolutions, do read Benrik anyway. It's fun..It's whacky..And it will make you smile.


Prasanna said...

Hi and a happy new year! You know what ? I have made only one resolution few years ago and that was "Not to make any resolution in life" . Till date I have managed! :-)

Ganga Dhanesh said...

Yiay!!!Live life queensize!
lovely post...

Miaow!!! said...

Happy New Year Prasanna.... :) :)That was mighty sensible of you...

Ganga, you took the words out of my mouth....
Live life queensize!!!
:) :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! And I just made some last night!!

Miaow!!! said...

:) :)
Enjoy them Pal....