Monday, December 22, 2008

No Man's Land

It was a cataclysmic morning in the Moggie Household.
After a lazy Sunday at home, the moggies were all tanked up on energy. And to add fuel to fire, we had all woken up this morning with frayed tempers and the proverbial Monday morning blues. The stage was set for fireworks and in no time, Dsk and I were engaged in a war of words. Outside in the back yard, Ging managed to clamber half-way up the mango tree and mewed furiously to be rescued.
Sadly, neither parent obliged and eventually, kitty learnt a much needed lesson in gravity.
The cat who came down the tree looked and rumbled like a little thunder cloud. Pretty much like her muttering mom who fixed herself a steaming hot cuppa and plonked herself in front of the laptop in search of a sympathetic shoulder.
As kitty and I sat glowering, Vin, an old friend from home, pinged me on MSN. She was obviously trying to unwind at the end of a hard day's work while I was huffing and puffing in indignation before mine had even begun. Either way, the stage was set for a heated Venusian heart-to-heart on martian foibles.
A good half hour of venting was all it took to open the flood gates and get our creative juices gushing forth at full force.
" You know Vin, we should found a little town or village or whatever for women only...No men allowed..."
" Yeah sure..count me in Rekz...I am all for it"
" Maybe there already is some place like that...I think I will google..."
"Just think of it...a life without men...we could call it Emancipation Town!!!"
Obviously, Vin's sense of adventure remained quite untouched by time.
For a moment, a picture of her cherubic face with pursed pink lips and her lovely brown eyes aglow with excitement floated in front of me. How I wished I could have turned on the web cam to see her dear face after all these years. But the realisation that I sat, unwashed & unkempt, in my scruffy Green John Beer night shirt deterred me.
" It would be more like Happy Town for me!!!"
" Whatever the name may be, it does not matter."
At my end, I couldn't help but smile at her irrepressible spirits.
" I am sure there will be quite a few takers!!!"
" Yeah, well maybe we can even offer vacation packages for women...."
" You bet!!!"
" And no entry for women from our spouse's families?"
" Oh absolutely!!!"
A moment of companionable silence followed as both of us sat on our respective sides of the ocean, happily mulling over the thought of a world without spouses or in-laws. I was rather enjoying the visions in front of me, when I was rudely interrupted by a flash of green.
A singing quartet of winged green bucks!!! And they proceeded to merrily sing & jig all around me!!!
"Babes, we could make a lot of money, you know?"
" Absolutely"
" We could be rich!!!"
" And famous!!!"
" We need to recruit more eves to the cause.."
" You should blog about this..."
" Oh yes, I can, can't I?.." I had already begun to feverishly compose platitudes about our Utopia.
" Of course you should...we girls need all the laughs we can get...Just so that we survive..."
*deep long sigh*


Roopa said...

Don't laugh it away yet dear, you already have one eve enrolled :D

Ganga Dhanesh said...

nice one, rekz! that would be lovely!

Asma said...

What a thought!! What a beautiful thought!

Miaow!!! said...

Wow, the eves are enrolling?
:) :)