Sunday, December 21, 2008

About Rats & Cats... :) :)

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I was back home after a long haul & kitty and I were spending quality time together.
We cuddled together on the sofa..Chased each other round the house...Played swipe and catch from under the bed...And eventually, I left Ging to her own devices as I turned my energies to my rather neglected blogs. Assuming that the moggies were otherwise engaged, our resident mouse ran in for a quick scrounge in the kitchen.
Sadly, he scampered straight into the demon kitty who could barely suppress her excitement and glee at the discovery of a live toy. As the startled creature ran for cover with Ging in hot pursuit, I discovered an ugly rodent of the cyber kind. Our very own parasitic cyber stalker, Ms. Cleveland, Ohio!
Careful investigation revealed that the rat had been out on daily forays into the Moggie territory over the past many days.

What could she possibly want? I mused to myself.
Probably searching for more material to disparage you, whispered the voices. Or perhaps, it was just an effort to draw our attention to some abusive gibberish which the delusional creature periodically tries to pass off as literary effort.
The beginnings of a smile curved the corners of my lips as I recalled the theatrics with which this verminous creature swore she would visit the moggies no more. It appeared that, like all hypocrites, the lady had indeed protested overmuch and was now sneaking into Moggie Land through little apertures when our eyes were trained else where!!!
But despite the amusement, I was also in a bit of a quandary
Do we let the pest know that we were on to her and that she had fooled none?

Obviously, she was desperate for some sign of acknowledgement, even if it came in the form of abuse. So should we put the vermin out of her misery by tossing a few written crumbs her way?
As I lazily pondered the matter, from the corner, came a little dissenting miaow
"Let it be mommy...Rats will always be rats...They are just not worthy of our attention..." As I raised a shapely eyebrow at my crouching tigress in the corner, her glowing grey eyes glinted once more " Well, except when we need toys to amuse ourselves with"


Roopa said...

The stalker is back? Does she blog too? You have actually made me curious :)

Miaow!!! said...

LOL Roops, you do know about the cat who got a little too curious, doncha?
:) :)
The stalker never went away..she is always on the prowl and sneaks in through any unattended nook and cranny...:)
I did consider providing a link to her blog but then a friend, whose opinion I sought, pronounced it to be an assault on her brains that I thought I would spare everyone else similar torture...