Monday, December 15, 2008

Being Type-Cast

A cold blustering morning. The chill in the air threatened to permeate my head, lungs and sinus.
So I casually flung my black pashmina over my head & sought an opinion from the lady in the mirror. Casual Chic, she confirmed smugly as I stepped into my black heels and put on my over sized dark glasses.
I swept into work with my head held high...a little like Greta Garbo, I imagined.
But my aplomb was soon to be shattered into smithereens!
" Oooh, you look like a Parsi lady" squealed one.
" No, Parsis do not wear head scarves...You look like a conservative Muslim woman.." pronounced an erudite second.
As I haughtily opened my mouth to educate the lesser mortals on the differences between a hijab and a casually wound scarf, a third quipped up
" You really should wear a else will people know you are a Hindu?"
* deep sigh*


Ganga Dhanesh said...

lol...and yes, a deep sigh!!!

Roopa said...

You care two hoots girl and go your way. But greta garbo??? Really?? :D

Miaow!!! said...

Roops, u know how black heels, black glasses and a carelessly draped head scarf can bring on a train of delusionary thought....LOL!!!
Ok, how about Marlene Deitriech? :P:P