Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Me Who?

My head pounds as my phone rings with the umpteenth call of the day. I am already high on caffeine but grab yet another shot of black coffee and excuse myself once more from a team meeting...As I leave the room, I can see a steady stream of high priority emails trickling into my inbox, all of which scream for my immediate attention. The day is just half done and I am ready to throw in the towel. Gosh, I miss Ging!!!...

Half way through my conversation, some rather persistent Joe begins to stretch my already frayed nerves by continuously interrupting the call. Sometimes, I wonder why science hasn't come up with an etiquette chip which can be inserted into us humans just so that everyone everywhere knows that it is not okay to interrupt calls, amongst other things. But Joe has no clue just how dogged an Alpha can be because I grit my teeth and continue with my conversation. Obviously, life with Ging has trained me well for the interlopers of the human kind.

As I drain the last dregs of my coffee, the stragglers from my team slowly wander back in...And the phone rings again!!!
I don't know this number and worse, all I can hear is a great din. Seriously, why on earth do people position themselves right next to cacophonous motors when they make calls?

Note to the inventor of the Etiquette Chip: Please do add a list of places which make for inappropriate environments for telephone calls...And please, please do include bathrooms as well!!! I just hate it when people insist on taking calls while they are attending to their elimination needs and even worse, have no compunctions about announcing it. I don't get it...As the world moves towards stricter emission control norms, why not apply it to the environment we humans live in? But I digress..

I text a quick message to the mystery caller
" May I know who this is? I am currently in a meeting, so may I call you back?"
and pat comes the reply
" Its me, da. Call me back"
No matter how geared you think you are to take on the world, there inevitably will be that one blithe, supremely confident soul who can derail you in a instant!!! And this ''Me' with a penchant for noisy automobiles was most certainly one of them.
* sigh* Well, the only thing you can do when life throws you a curveball, is to go with the flow....

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