Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kitty Interrupted!

" Where's Ging?"
"Must be sleeping on my favourite rug.... on the porch!!!" * distracted frown as I search for pans to clatter*
" Yes, you are right...She is snoozing on your rug!!!...If she wants to sleep, why did she even get out of bed this morning"
" Oh, she came downstairs with me to let in the maid....Did a quick run of the front yard to make sure the boats had not vanished in the dead of the night....She even did a tyre count!!!...Snuck around to the back yard to check if any of the trees had disappeared overnight...meditated in front of the heap of leaves in the corner....checked on me as I mixed the dosa batter in the kitchen and finally, went off to snooze" *Pheeeeeewwww.....*
The boats, by the way, refer to our cars which are strategically parked on either side of the gate so as to curtail robber entry or exit. ...One of the moggie strategies to secure the house.
" Sometimes I wish I could get inside her head and see what goes on in there"
* blank stare* " Now, why would you want to do that?...I mean she sleeps, eats,hangs out with us, goes for walks and sleeps some more...Isn't it rather clear what her priorities in life are?? and us..Not necessarily in that order....And besides, you should think about getting through your morning ablutions and getting your backside to my breakfast table"
But, Dsk seemed to be bewitched by the sight of the irresistibly cute kitty, who from her masticating jaws, appeared to be dreaming of a romp in a Giant Whiskas Tub. Did I ever mention that the only thing Ging eats is Whiskas kibble??? no milk, no fish, no chicken...Just Whiskas!!! What a cat!!!
" Well, she is such an intelligent cat..she understands everything we tell her and she communicates well with us...So I wonder what she thinks of when she is sleeping..I mean it can't be that someone can be brain dead for most part of the day and super intelligent the remainder of the you think that she thinks about us in her sleep as well?"
" hmmmm....yeah, maybe......." But b
efore I can voice my opinion on the convoluted workings of Ging's mind, I am rudely cut short by an unholy screech.
And into the kitchen strode Dsk with a truculent Ging in his arms. Obviously, he hadn't been able to resist kitty's charms and had, much to her dismay, had scooped her into his arms. But our Ging has a mind of her own and never takes kindly to being picked up for a cuddle on our terms. Especially not when she is zzzzing. So, there we were in the kitchen - me watching the battle between my underlings while my pan merrily smoked away, a struggling wild cat a.k.a Ging who was hollering her displeasure for the whole world to hear and a determined Dsk, who was rather clumsily trying to hold on to Ging.
Ging, of course, won the skirmish and nonchalantly strolled over to the sofa to resume her nap, leaving a disgruntled parent behind.
" See, this is another thing I do not understand about her..She likes to be with us and never wanders away from the house but she just won't allow us to pick her or carry her...why is that? None of our other cats ever behaved this way??"
I was quick to soothe Dsk's ruffled feathers " Well, it depends...maybe she had a traumatic kitten hood and finds it difficult to trust us humans..."
But my voice trailed of as Dsk trains a disbelieving look on me " What are you saying???...That she may have issues with intimacy? I thought that was a psychological reaction exhibited by humans traumatised by abusive relationships??"
" Yeah, so what makes a cat very different?? If she is intelligent enough to understand and communicate with us, why should her psyche not bear emotional scars from the past? I mean"
* misshapen eyebrows knit into the most alarming frown ever*
" Well, I don't know....I mean, she has no issues demanding things from us or bullying us or any such thing...So why only react when we pick her up???...This is why I say she is just like you!!!...Temperamental & Possessive of her space " And with that parting shot, the normally placid gamma moggie marches out of the kitchen in a huff....
*deep sigh again*
I should have quit while I was ahead, which was approximately about the time when I was pre-occupied with mashing the lumps in my dosa batter rather than leap into an argument about kitty psychology!!!

I must have been a tube light in my last birth.....Because going by the frequency with which my rather large size 9 foot ends up in my mouth, it would seem that my self preservation instincts always kicks in a tad too late ....
Seriously, where are my guardian angels when I need them??....On an extended tea break???.............Is anyone up there even listening???


Shail said...

Hehee... I say much the same thing sometimes about my dog, "Wonder what she is thinking about?!!" Wouldn't I love to know!! Sigh!!

Moggie Mom said...

Gosh Shail, I am so mortified!!!
I have had my nose stuck to the grinding stone these past many weeks and believe it or not, have been trying to write posts through my little handheld...I did not realise that I had actually published a unfinished, untitled piece rid with typos!!!
:( :( :(

shail said...

Lols.. I wondered about the 'untitled' bit! :-)

Moggie Mom said...

he he he Shail,aren't you the polite one? But thank you for reading it with all its flaws and still commenting...
:) :) :)