Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Chip Of The Moggie Block

DSK maintains that Ging and I are two of a kind - stubborn, independent, way too sensitive for our good, demanding, temperamental, possessive of our space, childlike at times, blah, blah.... and more blah. *sigh*
Like most doting fathers, he tends to lay all her faults at my doorstep while hogging credit for her virtues. *Raises eyebrows*
I can argue my case till I am blue in the face but he just doesn't buy my theory that Ging is a rather potent cocktail of genes, inherited from my mother and mother-in-law.
But if I were to be absolutely honest, I would have to concede that there are some traits that kitty and I have in common. We are both very strong felines.... Intensely loyal, incredibly loving and generous to a fault...We can't bear being dirty or un-groomed and frown most fiercely on Body Odour & Bad Breath....Most of the time, we know what we want and go right after it...And, we rarely give up....We kick loads of butt... And run for cover when the tide turns against us..We both are, also, hurt easily and take time to forgive!!! This last quality I discovered just last night, when I got home after a 3 week stint in Bangalore.
After a heady day at work where we popped champagne in celebration of a great moment at work, I flew back to Chennai and reached home after a pig out at my favourite Mallu restaurant.
Note: Yes, I finally got to eat my favourite fiery fish curry!!! * Big toothy grin*
As I alighted from the car still smacking my lips, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a little fury glowering at me from her post. Her eyes flashed fire...And wrath was writ all over her stony face and ramrod straight body!! Even the sight of her favourite parent after 12 hrs of seperation failed to soften her. Without as much as acknowledging my presence, she stomped off indoors and despite all my plaintive pleading and cajoling, she spent the night on the couch .
Perhaps, the morning would bring on a thaw. But as the cock crowed, the kitty remained relentless and continued to dole out loads more of the cold treatment. And if I thought the sight of DSK trotting off with his overnight case, leaving her all alone with me, would crack that icy facade or melt the little heart of steel, I had a second thought coming my way. Ging, obviously, meant business!!
I never realised that making-up could be such a pain. And for once, I sympathised with those who had borne the brunt of my ire in the past - deserved or undeserved.
Dismayed, I whined to DSK all the way to the airport. And long after.
But all my cribs sailed right over the rather busy gamma moggie's head, which clearly meant that it was time to roll up my sleeves and take Ging head on.
So, after some more apologising which ricocheted off her iron resolve, I pointed out to Ging that it was just her and me all by ourselves for the next couple of days....That she now had a choice between self imposed loneliness which could be rather cold or the fun times with mommie with lovies, hugs and cuddles galore.
And then, in the face of continued kitty resistance, I decided to hit the sack and let her stew.
It would seem that Ging did some serious thinking....And decided to cut her losses before she lost control of the situation. Because as I wandered happily in the land of nod, I suddenly sensed little kitty paws pattering on me and kneading the flesh on my back. I opened one eye to find the feline brat astride me, staring down at my supine form assessing which body part of mine would be ideal for a cozy snooze.
For once, I didn't protest.
Did I mention that Ging also takes after me as far as natural intelligence went????

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