Sunday, May 18, 2008


" Why is Ging sulking under the bed???..She seemed normal enough sometime back"
Dsk's beetle brows are knitted together and his normally placid face wears an expression of absolute bafflement as he ponders on the mystery of yet another kitty sulk. I peek under the bed and am accosted by a pair of round fiery eyes, spitting sparks at me. Oh yes, the kitty is huffy indeed. And the cause for her ire are a pair of insolent ravens who have taken to dropping in on the moggie household just in time for breakfast every morning.
Initially, the two-some would chatter away to themselves as they waited patiently on the backyard wall,under the watchful eyes of Don C until they were fed. An action which Ging stomached with much reluctance and some protest. I suppose the kitty didn't grumble over much because the ravens were content at merely filling their bellies and didn't seem to entertain any aspirations to 'Moggiehood.
After suffering their very vocal opinions and nagging for a few days, DSK and I decided that the ravens simply had to be our dear departed fathers who had come from the other world to watch over us.They were duly christened as Pops & PIL [ Acronym for Pa In Law]. Strangely enough, both Pops and PIL took to their new names and fell to their self assumed parental responsibilities with great zest, often stepping on Ging's dainty paws.
Once POPs & PIL got over the novelty of warm bread and milk mashes, they began cadging for other treats. And how? The smart birdies, much to Ging's dismay and Don C's discomfiture, allied themselves with me and soon had their beaks entrenched in every little activity in our backyard.

The three of us would hold protracted conversations about the weather, the day's menus and of course the snoopy Don C, who could nothing more than glare malevolently at us.They screamed rude abuse at Don C as he napped above the kitchen ledge,for which they earned golden egg yolks in their mush which they greedily squished and gulped as they noisily contemplated how to further annoy the mean white cat with the ugly yellow eyes.When Don C was not around for them to pick on, POPs & PIL nagged the maid into cleaning every inch of the courtyard until it was squeaky clean. Occasionally, much to Ging's glee, they would loudly chide me when their breakfast was late or if they felt shortchanged because our breakfast smelt better than theirs.
All at once, mornings in the moggie household became boisterous, hyperactive and interesting.And this was proving to be one such morning - with the fathers at their raucous best and Ging under the bed in one of her famous sulks.

" Well, its Pops and PIL" I explained "I guess they missed me all of last week because today they flew down to the kitchen window for a rather noisy conversation while I was cooking breakfast....Ging has been sulking ever since"
" The fathers were at our kitchen window??? That's a first, isn't it? "

Dsk looked mildly surprised and the beginnings of a smile play at the corners of his lips, as his agile mind pieced together the huffy kitty puzzle. I wink at Dsk conspiratorially.
" Yes it is....They were perched outside the kitchen window aaarrcking and cawing at me when Ging strolled in and had a meltdown of sorts.....She probably thinks they are making secret plans to kidnap me or move in with us or at the very least make a birdie of me!!!"
Dsk and I are openly laughing now at our adorably possessive Beta kitty....

" You really are in her bad books...better make up with her or else, you know she will get back at you one way or the other"
Oh yes, I better work my way out of the dog house....Which means I need to crawl under the bed to fuss over kitty and reassure her about her unassailable Beta moggie status....Hmmm...maybe, just maybe, we might be able to effect an armistice that keeps Don C and the Fathers out in the courtyard!!
*Wink* *Wink* *Wink*


Shail said...

Things are happening in the Moggie household! Very interesting!! :-)))))

Rekz said...

Yes Indeed...Never a dull moment here!!!