Monday, May 12, 2008


Sunday, 6 a.m.
My eyes lazily flutter as the first rays of the sun filter into our bedroom... Its a new day & the voices in my head resume their verbal duelling all over again.. .
* wakey wakey lazy bumm...u need to get breakfast going...remember?*
That's the voice of my conscience, ever ready to dole out unwanted advice and prod me into action. But my baser instincts rebel...
* Nooo...DSK can fix himself a bowl of cereal for once...God knows he has enough packs of those lying around*
* What? That's not fair..just becos he doesn't complain does not mean that you can take him for granted...Wake Up...He's going to be up in a bit...So, get cracking...Make him something nice to eat..husbands like it when their wives fix them good breakfasts and see them off to work*
Ok, now why does my conscience's voice sound suspiciously like my mother??
I struggle to open my eyes and make a feeble, half-hearted attempt to shake away the dense fog that has encased my brains. But, realisation strikes in the nick of time! Its Sunday - the day of rest!!!...Yippppeee...Dsk can afford to wait a bit for his breakfast today...And with that, the voice of conscience is gagged and muffled as I snuggle back under my warm blankets to snooze some more.
Just as I am drifting off into the land of nod, I hear a loud scary thump and an even scarier mmmiaorrrwww which set my heart racing at a frenetic if a dozen tribal drums were simultaneously being thumped at super sonic speed. I open my eyes in trepidation, half expecting to find the evil snake-beastie from my nightmares, hovering over my jugular with its poisonous fangs bared. And who do I see there instead? The heathen kitty Ging, her great black eyes twinkling with un-repressed mirth and sporting a goofy grin..Her face is a study in unholy glee....She can barely stand still with the excitement of having scared the living daylights out of me!!!
My supposedly expressive face must have betrayed my intentions. Because as I struggled to get over the shock and compose my thoughts [just so I could give her a very large piece of my mind], Ging went into damage control mode. Arranging her face into her irresistibly adorable " Oh, the cute canary can safely tango in my mouth' expression which is a sure fire way of containing my ire. She then frantically starts licking me all over, her beady eyes darting all over my supine form in search of bare 'lickable' skin. The grooming which lasted for all of 5 minutes came to an end when she quickly dove between my feet and huddled down with firmly shut eyes, leaving me quite bereft of words.
As much as I hate to admit it, I was outwitted. There was nothing much I could do other than laugh at Ging's antics and go back to sleep. As I snuggled in enjoying the warmth of the rumbling bundle on my feet, the cheeky voice in my head chirps " You should have listened to me..oh well, sometimes its fun to be to be taken for a moggie ride, isn't it?"
Yes indeed, it is...

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Shail said...

That was quite a moggie ride! :-))