Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ging has been rather under weather today. Why? Well, for starters the two other moggies were out late Saturday night, leaving her alone at home to hold fort. And to make matters worse, early this morning, DSK left for coimbatore with, horror of horrors, a packed bag. This to our little kitty only means one thing: Dad's not going to be home for a few days, a major catastrophe comparable only with starvation or abandonment.
Now, when I travel, kitty doesn't even bat an eyelid, let alone mew in protest. The best I can elicit out of her is a ' DND: Cat Napping..Please let yourself out quietly' look. But when dsk travels, Ging magically metamorphoses into a little demon. It is almost as it the temperamental kitty watches SRK at his destructive best in Devdas to cope with her separation pangs and then meticulously lays the most diabolic plans to shatter the peace and quiet of my days!!! Needless to say, the moggie household is a high stress zone when DSK travels.
As was expected, Ging's behaviour in the wake of DSK's departure converted my normally relaxed Sunday into a highly stressful one. First, there were endless painful games of catch mommy's toes under the cover, which rudely ended all my dreams of a sleep-in.Then, I had to contend with a sulky kitty for the greater part of the day, who kept mooching about and directing violent glares at if I had been instrumental in driving her darling dad away. Unfortunately, as DSK and I did have a scrap last night, I couldn't really fault her for those glares. But hey, in my defense, doesn't the silly cat [and the rest of the world] ever realise that it takes two hands to clap???
Siesta time saw Ging turn into a foul tempered little tigress who stalked me across the length of the bed biting any part of my anatomy that she could dig her fangs into. However, with the setting sun came fresh hope. Ever the optimist, Ms. Devi-das spent a few hours on the gate, and then patrolled the street in the vain hope that her dad would change his mind mid-way and come back home..A dream that fizzled out and brought forth a fresh round of 'mom' attacks!!!
At the moment, Ms. Devidas has captured the bedroom which has the air conditioner on and probably awaits my arrival to launch fresh attacks...Gosh, life as a cat mommy does suck sometimes!!!

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