Friday, May 9, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back!!!

Hell hath no fury like a Mommy angered!!! ...
...Was what Ging discovered late last night when she launched her nocturnal offensive.

Unfortunately for her, the onslaught proved to be a mere flash in the pan as a well primed mommy struck back with unimagined ferociousness. The ensuing skirmish which pitted kitty claws and teeth against human talons, fangs and almost 100 kgs of solid lard, ended with kitty getting her butt whipped to kingdom come.

Efforts to garner support from the gamma moggie a.k.a DSK proved to be futile as daddy, having indulged in one too many cocktails at an office do, was in a 'make love, not war' mood. Despite the best of Ging's wheedling and coaxing, DSK just refused to rise to the occasion with his ' tut tut let the poor kitty be' slogans, leaving Madam Ging with no alternative but to retreat into kitty sulks under our bed for the rest of the night.

It would seem that her night of solitude was well spent in deliberation because at day break, the truculent rebel emerged hopefully with her terms of peace which was promptly consigned to the garbage by a mommy drunk on power.

Game, Set & Match to Mommy!!!


Lakshmi said...

wow!! this blog is very interesting to read!! you have some amazing writing skills.

I see your profile in Orkut as well. I see that you are into reading as well.

Just wanted to leave a note!!!!

Shail said...

Way to go Mommy girl!! :D

Rekz said...

:D thank u still drunk with truimph and kitty is still licking her wounds....:D

Lakshmi, thank you very much for your kind words...It has most definitely made my evening!!!