Friday, May 2, 2008

In Pursuit of Cool!!

Ok, I have been slacking this past week!!! Not just with my blog, but in all walks of life.
Friends have been wondering if life in the moggie household has come to standstill. Well, it hasn't. But it most definitely has been a lot more lethargic with the onset of summer. Despite having spent most of my growing years in the scorching deserts of the middle east, it still is rather difficult for me to function at full steam when the legendary Chennai heat peaks.
I had often wondered why the more traditional brahmin community lunched at 10 a.m. But after two years in Chennai, I realise that this is a rather sensible lifestyle which is sadly on the wane due to the demands of our modern lifestyle. My take is that an early lunch ensured that all cooking was done with in the wee hours of the morning and that the women were not slaving away in hot stuffy kitchens in the heat of the day. Taking a leaf out of their books, I have been staying out of the kitchen during the day and devoting myself to the search of newer ways of cooling off....frequent showers [ water problems be damned] and squabbles with Ging to corner the coolest spots in the house are the order of the day. I have, even in a moment of heat driven insanity, chopped off my shoulder length tresses, painfully grown over the past 8 months!!!
While I have been occupied in the pursuit of coolness, Ging's recipe to beat the heat has been to nap the day and most of the night away. The only time she deigns to bestir herself is at my meal times, just so that she can inspect the contents of my plate. Sometimes, I wonder why she bothers because she really doesn't want to even sample any of it. For some weird reasons, inhaling what mommy eats seems to send her on some inexplicable high.
Well whatever...Suits me fine because sleeping kitty= less activity = cooler house !!!

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