Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Turned One, Today!

It's amazing, how, life, can come, a full circle.
In, just, 12 short months.

This day, last year, the Mad Moggies was born.
Not by design.

But, because, I had had a
rough morning, all thanks, to, a recalcitrant domestic help, and, a blood-thirsty cat.

I was home alone, and, needed a space to vent!

None of my friends were online, to take the flak.
Ging, was sulking.

And, so,I thought, why not write it out, and, put it up for the world to see.

Surely, someone out there, could use the laughs.
Even though, I was not particularly amused by the morning's events!

The rest, as, I would like to say, sometime, in the future, was history.

One post, led, to another.
And, before, I knew it, a good 12 months have passed us by.

Today, I am, once again, tempted to vent.

About, the tribulations caused by our still recalcitrant domestic help, who, finally, threw in the towel.
Who, would have thought, a few goggle eyed spiders, and, the black gossamer curtain hanging in the porch, could result in such a dramatic walk-out!

About, a difficult day at work, which ended with a back-handed compliment from the boss " It is very well written but also know that NOT everyone is as intellectual as you, Rekha".

About, an aching heart, which, misses a much loved one, and, is trying to cope with the pain of longing and desperate need.
About, a stubborn cat, who, mutinously, refused to participate in a home-video experiment.

All, she had to do, was lip-sync to the Birthday Song, and, look cute.
But, guess who had to act as pricey as ever???
My day was rough.
So, I figure, I am allowed a little leeway.
Especially, since, I have made my thank-you speeches, twice before.
In, my 100th post.
And, once, when I counted
the blessings in my life.

Even so, I would like to say my thank yous again.

To my friends, readers, and especially those, who faithfully follow the Moggies.
Post after Post.

To each one of you, who have made me a better writer & thinker.
With your feedback, and, comments.
As I have said before, the confidence, some of you, have in me, scares, the living daylights out of me.

To my toughest critics, and, dearest friends.
Sunita. Vinny. KKay.

You are all, in a sense, as much a part of the Moggies, as I am.

Happy Birthday To Us!!!


Abhilash Suryan said...

Happy B'day :-)

trueblue said...

Happy Birthday :).. yet to read the full post .will be back .

Ganga Dhanesh said...

one year and over a 100!

writerzblock said...

Hey, Congrats Rekz. That's wonderful. Happy Birthday...Happy Anniversary. Happy year ahead :-)

Rekz said...

Thank you very much, all of you.

Arch said...

Always nice to reach a milestone...keep writing!! :)

Vinny said...

Congratulations! May this be the first stepping stone to what awaits you in the future ... you deserve it girl!