Thursday, April 23, 2009

How stupid would I look?

How stupid would, I, look....

If, I tripped, and, fell down on my butt, in full view of my juniors, at work?

If, at a party, I was to prance about the dance floor, with a goofy grin, flapping my arms, like a giant albatross?

If, at a presentation, I am asked a question, I cannot answer?
Or, worse, if I am asked a question, so elementary, that, a cocky brat in school can answer it, but, I cannot ?

If, I sported my thick, cheap, plasticy home wear spectacles, outside my home?

If, I, were to speak up, when, everyone else is holding their peace?

If, I were to sing karaoke, in front of a crowd?

If, I, do not, espouse a cause, that, the world around me does?

If, I, was to lick the sticky, melted chocolate off the wrapper, in public?

If, I were to use my fingers to shovel food into my mouth, at a fancy restaurant?

If, I said no, because I really meant it?

So many ifs......

But, the, question is....Would I really look stupid?

Or, would I, just, be stupid, to, not, have tried it on for size?


Yogesh said...

I don't think you should consider it stupid.

Laughter is what's brought out when you look back at these incidents.

I enjoy them a lot. After all, one should also laugh at themselves too :)

Rekz said...

Hey Yogesh, Thanks for dropping by.
I agree that one must have the ability to laugh at oneself..And that there is nothing like laughter to chase the dark clouds away...
I don't think any of the things mentioned there are stupid. It is more about the deep rooted fear people have as to what 'others' think.
Sometimes we give up on truly living in the moment, because we are too busy trying to peer at ourselves through the eyes of another.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not stupid. Infact I've been there many a time and have not realised how stupid I looked, so that's probably good in a way :-)
Btw, are u experimenting with poetry or was this only prose?

Rekz said...

:) :)
Good Question Pal!!!
I never experiment with Poetry...But sometimes my prose turns out like efforts at poetry!!!

Ganga Dhanesh said...

i dunno...but i suppose one shud simply do what one feels one shud do :)

trueblue said...

Absolutely NOT !!
I personally have done, and still do, quite a lot of what you have mentioned there.

And if at all anyone thinks thats stupid, thats their problem. I ,for one, totally enjoy licking the chocolate off the wrapper and love eating with my fingers.. and will always say the NO when i mean it :)