Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet Nick Vujicic

“People say to me, ‘How can you smile? Then they realize, ‘there’s got to be something more to life, than meets the eye, if, a guy without arms and legs, is living a fuller life than I am.’”

Meet Nick Vujicic.
A youngster from Australia, who, was
born without arms, or, legs.

Yes, you heard me right.
No arms!
And, no legs!
Right, from birth.

Now, what would, most of us, have done, if, we were in Nick's, nonexistent, shoes?

Bewail our fate?
Nurse a giant sized chip, on our shoulders?
Lash out in rage, at every given opportunity?

Wallow in self-pity?
Or, would we, just, resign ourselves, to an unremarkable life of dependence?

For, isn't that what people normally do?
When they are afflicted, with far lesser? '

Whine, and, moan, and gripe.
About, how unfair life is?

Well, not Nick.

Nick is a rare human being, who, not only came to terms with his physical afflictions, but, also,rose above his handicaps, to touch the lives of millions across the world.

As you can see, Nick Vujicic, is an example of the triumph of the human spirit .
Of, mind prevailing over matter.
And, of attitude, being everything.

The next time, you are tempted to ask God, 'why me'.
Take a few moments, to think, of a superhero called Nick Vujicic.
Try walking in his shoes.
Imagine, the life, that, could have been.
And, then, ask yourself, just, how badly off are you.

Chances are, you, will find, the silver lining in your dark cloud.
Or better still, a snow white cloud, with no lining at all.


Ganga Dhanesh said...

Yes, of course! Btw, liked the "snow white cloud"!

Rekz said...


I loooovvvveeee snow white clouds...
And guys like Nick help me see them, a little faster...