Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Broken Dryer...

" Rain Rain Go AWAY
You make my days oh so grey
The pitter patter on my pane
Is driving me quite insane
My toes are wet, my clothes are damp
If you went, who'd give a damn ?
So, Rain Rain GO AWAY!!! "

As bad as my friend's poetic skills were, I found it hard to repress my mirth at the irony of the situation. Here I was praying for torrential rains to wash away the Diwali crackers while she desperately spouted bad poetry to bring back the scorching Chennai sun.
" V, why don't you just stay indoors with a steaming cuppa and enjoy the cozy weather?"
The withering glance my suggestion earned should have fried it to a crisp, but I was too ebullient to even notice.
"Considering that I am almost running out of clothes, I will have to do just that..Stay indoors downing cuppas after cuppas!!!"
"So, why on earth aren't you using a damn dryer?" I demanded crossly, every fat cell in my body quivering with exasperation.
"Because darling," She purred "WE LIVE IN A BLOOMING DRYER...& NOW IT'S BROKEN!!"
:) :)

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vinita said...

hey rekz, love your blogs.. cool ... by the way never wish for rain to go away .. it is always more welcome than snow. Imagine if you had to plough the rain away lke snow .. now that is a thought ......