Friday, October 24, 2008

Pop Goes The Ear Drums!

" Monday's Diwali" I announced gloomily. Next to me, kitty's face reflects the very same emotion, but with much greater intensity. Only DSK perks up, seemingly oblivious to the misery of his women folk who were huddled together on the couch.
" Maybe the depression in the Bay will hang around for a couple more days. If it continues to pour through the weekend, then not very many are going to venture out to burst firecrackers....Or would they?"

Hope does spring eternal in the feline breast though Ging looked anything but convinced. Her expression spoke volumes about the nasty loud bangers that was going to wreck havoc with our nerves, the acrid smoke which would sear the linings of our nostrils and throats before it encased our lungs in its vice grip and the deluge of store brought boxes of sweets which was coming our way.
Kitty's caustic glance, so pregnant with meaning, vapourised the tantalising glimmer of hope that had dangled before me just minutes ago. Even at my optimistic best, I could not imagine Diwali being a wash-out in Chennai.
As I muttered mutinously to myself about people's selfish ' Oh, I couldn't care less' attitudes, the endangered planet and the trauma that awaited hundreds of orphan animals in the city, another unpleasant truth struck me.... The rains were bound to plaster the cracker debris on to the dusty streets and tarred roads, escalating the city's litter quotient to unprecedented levels for the next couple of days!!!
All at once, a wet weekend did not seem very appealing!

" Well, at least you can crawl under the bed and hide....I can't even do that" I told Ging huffily.
Kitty groomed me a bit to soothe my ruffled fur. It seemed that, for once, she wouldn't mind sharing her hidey space with mommy. We were after all sisters under the skin, united in our dislike of all things loud and offensive to our senses.

" It appears that your wishes may come least in part" Dsk pops his head out of the paper long enough to give us a quick update "The papers report that crackers are not only more expensive this year but they are also in short supply due to the rains..."
Another ray of hope glittered before me....
Who would have guessed that inflation would prove to be an ally in our war against the bangers?
Barely able to supress my glee, I peered out of the window to mumble a few more fervent entreaties to the dark rolling rain clouds....And at that precise moment, the sun chose to smile down on me
*deep sigh*


Ganga Dhanesh said...

true, but i suppose when one is far away from the action, any bit of any Indian celebration seems very appealing :)

Miaow!!! said...

LOL, I understand...I am almost always a great one for celebrations but Diwali is the only one I would happily leave the country for...I guess the sight of shivering, cowering animals from a very young age has bolstered my animosity towards fircrackers..:) :)


:) just few minutes ago when I was in your SB and the cracker sound in there made me think about Ging and they she would run to safety under one of the cots and pray that Divali should never come again...

Roopa said...

i heard from my sister that it was a loud diwali this year :)...bad luck huh?

Miaow!!! said...

Roops, well, it was kind of ok...last 2 years was really bad and it really hurt to see our cats whimpering under the beds..
This year, we seemed to have just one day of noise and Ging seemed quite allright as long as she was covered on all sides...:) :)
And I went about with damp cloths covering my nose and mouth...So I guess we should not complain...

Miaow!!! said...

Ajith...:) :)