Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reversal of Fortunes!!!

"Bebs, do you think you can come home this weekend? If I leave for Rome on Thursday morning, Ging will be alone till one of us comes back....I will keep her bowls of Whiskas out but she will be alone...Pavam poochi " Dsk's voice trails into a mournful silence as he hopefully awaits the big yes from me. With 101 things at work screaming for my urgent attention, I would have probably mumbled an distracted affirmative if it wasn't for Ging's very vocal protests in the back ground. Obviously, she was devastated at dad dearest's impending departure. And her incessant plaintive yowls and wails about poor Ging being abandoned and left to starve by her cold hearted family had the desired effect on the beta moggie's guilt prone conscience.
*Serves kitty right for picking daddy over mommy!!!* I think to myself with smugness writ all over my face ....Mean, I know but I couldn't resist that one.
" well OK..I guess I can get back on Saturday evening..its been almost 2 weeks anyway"
" Saturday afternoon? " * Is he kidding me???*
" No, night or maybe even Sunday morning...I am not too sure..."
" SUNDAY!!!" *Kitty wails reach a new crescendo in the back ground as DSK's voice rises several decibels and is hastily lowered to avoid irking Alpha *
" Oh, ok...Saturday then...." And then it is my turn to whinge " I don't even know why I am coming back. Ging really gives me a hard time when you are not there...She turns ultra aggresive , barely lets me sleep and is a gazillion times worse than a live-in mother-in-law" From the corner of my eye, I see my colleague backing out of the room as I knit my sparse brows together and stick out my thick lower lip, wearing my trademark expression of absolute petulance.
" It's ok....You just keep out of her way and make sure she has enough to eat...If she wants to be friendly she will come to you"
She will come to me??? *^#*~^*^* ...Now that really got my goat!!!...I had to wind up my work and lug myself back home just to babysit Ging and Gamma moggie has the cheek to tell me that if Ging wants to be friendly, she will come to me!!!
So, I wasn't in the best of moods when I flew back to Chennai last weekend but my anger ebbed in the wake of the rousing reception Ging gave me. But it seemed as if daddy's heartless departure was a reality check of sorts which brought on a reassessment of priorities for Ging. For starters, I was given an over warm welcome by the kitty. And then when I was laid low by a nasty bout of food poisoning Ging, unlike her usual demanding self, transformed into a darling cuddle bunny making sure that I was shepherded back into bed no sooner than I had gotten out of it. Now, mind you, unlike her predecessors, Ging didn't serve mauled mice or decapitated squirrels in bed for strength and nourishment. Nor did she let up on her feeds. But on the whole, she was less brattish and demanding. And the week went by without any untoward incident and surprisingly, with much amity between Ging and me.
Even so, I was expecting Ging to revert back to type the minute she sighted Dsk at the gates. So it came as a bit of a shock when Ging turned her back on Dsk on Wednesday night, refusing to look him in the face or even join me in gleefully burrowing into his bags in search of treasures from foreign lands. The shock gave way to unholy delight when I noted the rather determined expression on her face as she set about to ingratiate herself with me. All of Dsk's pleas were in vain because Ging just refused to budge from her stance or even glance at Dsk's peace offerings. And to rub salt on raw wounds, she made a great big show of examining my goodies, even submitting to a test brush with my brand new 'Made in Europe' brow brush. Ok, so that test brush was no concession from her because she enjoyed it thoroughly but bad cat daddy, being consigned to the corner, wasn't allowed to participate.
As of this morning, Gamma moggie was still begging for forgiveness from Ging and offering to soothe down her ruffled fur with my brow brushes - an offer which kitty has turned down with barely concealed disdain and oodles of lovies for mommy. *Wicked toothy grin* Am so lovin it!!!

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