Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jago India Jago*!!!

A live bomb defused in Bangalore this morning, thanks to the vigilant citizens who are now quite determined not to bow down to the weak terror threats. I am rather proud of my adopted city..for the resilience it has displayed and the alacrity with which it has bounced back on to its feet. But the sense of exhilaration was short lived. This evening, as I cut through the bustling crowds on Cunningham Road to one of my favourite bookshops for a much needed browse, a rather excited DSK rang " Have you heard the latest news?? Serial blasts in Ahmedabad.....there were 7 blasts....oh oh oh..its 13 now!!!....This sounds more serious...the bombs were in tiffin boxes and on cycles...there are people hurt and killed....Are you outside??? Please get yourself home fast, ok?" And that was the end of an evening jaunt for many of us. Clearly, the word was spreading and people were heading home to safety and to tune into the latest news.
Shucks, what is happening in India???...It's almost as if the Toiba thugs are conducting practical recruitment tests all over our country to rope in fresh candidates!!! When will the powers-that-be wake up and do something???

* Jago = wake up [hindi]

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