Monday, July 28, 2008

Manic Monday

I hate Mondays!!! Especially those which come after a long cozy weekend spent under the covers with books, TV and lots of calorie laden goodies to munch on. Well, that was exactly how I spent my weekend, thanks to the tentacles of terror which had gripped the country and kept most of us in Bangalore indoors. The only time I bestirred my lazy corpulent self was to drive across town to drop off some DVDs at my designer-friend Ranjit's exercise which was well worth the effort because at his place, I was accosted by the cutest, fluffiest and might I say, the naughtiest kitten I have ever seen.
Here's a pic of the feline brat.....Don't you just love that wide eyed look of pure unadulterated mischief shining out of those luminous eyes??? I wish I could pack her into my bag and smuggle her away to Chennai...though I suspect Ging would not be very amused by that.

Coming back to my manic Monday...This is just one of those Mondays which went down-hill from the moment the cock crowed. For starters, my resolve to work off my weekend excesses with a brisk early morning walk at the crack of dawn proved to be a washout, thanks to the pouring rains. And then, just when I managed to drag myself into work looking forward to some much needed human company, I snapped a strap on my sandal. Drat!!!...Trust my luck. I have since then spent the day at my desk in an uninhabited office, being socially challenged since a trip to the nearest gossip hot spot would require me to hobble all over the campus like Long John Silver on his wooden stump. Quelling my yen for gossip, I try hard to focus on work but am distracted by mouth watering visions of plates of steaming rice liberally doused with fiery fish curry - my favourite one, which has bits of raw mango simmered in a coconut gravy !!! How in the wide blazes am I supposed to work when assailed by visions of such irresistable gastronomical delights???

*Sigh* Mondays really do suck!!...I just wish I could fast forward the rest of the day so that I can get back home and delve under the warm comfort of my blanket!!! Actually I wish I could fast forward to the end of the week, when I can go back to Chennai and cook myself my favourite fish curry!!!


Shail said...

I wonder you didn't spirit her away, Rekha. She looks so absolutely cute!!!! I bet Beta Moggie holds a different view about these matters! :P
And I just made just such a fish curry today! *wink*

Moggie Mom said...

He he he.....Ging is a master strategist when it comes to other cats in the house..very early on, I had tried to adopt a fat cuddly Tom who was such a sweetheart which didn't meet with Ging's approval....So after sulking upstairs for a whole day, she eventually sailed downstairs and sent him packing...And without as much as a growl!!!
U had fish???? :(( :(( :((