Friday, June 5, 2009

Seriously, Why Archie?

So, the latest to clamber on board the marriage bandwagon is the Andrews lad.

If reports are to be believed, the famous carrot top is
all set to wed the rich Lodge brat leaving Betty, the adorable girl next door, clutching at the pieces of her broken heart.

In the eyes of the world, the Good Girl has lost out,and, the Bad Girl gets to take home the trophy.

But, even as disbelieving fans the world over continue to ask, why Archie would pop the question to the 'live life queen size' Veronica and not to the 'sugar, spice and all things nice' Betty, I cannot help but wonder just what the fuss and bother is all about.

Let's face it.

Archie is no trophy husband.
He is a very ordinary guy, with an average IQ and no special talent to write home about.

In all the stories I have read, Archie shows no ambition.
No inclination to work......Well, except his roving eye that is.
And, truth be told, he has not the good sense to see a good thing for what it is, as is clearly evidenced by his treatment of poor love-sick Betty.

In short, Archie Andrews is just a lazy, skirt-chasing dork!

Correction: a goofy-looking, lazy, skirt-chasing dork!!!
For a moment, I forgot the carrot head and bushy eyebrows which works well in a comic strip, but, in the real world, well, that would be no Brad Pitt we are talking about.

Sure, he is a fun buddy to hang out with when you are in school.
But, as a life partner, it beats me why any woman would want to fight it out for Mr. Vanilla Andrews!

And, here we have two beautiful, intelligent women, each a catch in her own way, doing just that.
With the world split down the center, debating who would make the better bride!
Rather than ask, if Archie is the right husband for either girl.

Even in a comic strip, shouldn't women be settling for men who are more their equals than an ordinary Joe?

Well, the way things stand.
Whoever gets to walk down the aisle with carrot top...Betty or Veronica.
Me thinks, this is one story which is not going to end with 'And They Lived Happily Ever After'

Sad, isn't it?


The Survivor said...

I am sure that more twist are going to come.

Archie will get divorce and will soon find solace in Betty's shoulder and would marry her latter

Why should there be a problem marrying an ordinary Joe? I believe an individual character is more important than his class/IQ in the society!!

Intelligent women, I wonder!! Never seen Veronica doing anything except shopping and dating Archie & Reggie.

As for Betty she was busy playing a homely girl and madly in love with Archie.

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

:) I think you got me wrong there. There is nothing wrong in marrying an ordinary guy.And, this piece is not about average guys.My point was that there is nothing exceptional about Archie Andrews, for the world to debate who would make a better bride.My question is why go on about the Betty vs Veronica as choice of bride, when the groom in question seems to have very few redeeming qualities. Your observtion about individual character is exactly the point I was trying to make when it came to Archie. That he did not merit the discussion and debate.
About Betty, she make be lovesick but she is a strong,steady, popular, makes good grades in school, is a loyal friend,hard working and, has a sensible head on her shoulders.
Veronica, on the contrary, has spirit, style, brains, and rest assured is not someone who is going to sit back and watch life go by.
In my opinion, both girls are cut above Archie which is why I think the debate should be about how good a husband Archie will be to either.

The Survivor said...

I guess you are forgetting that he is the central character of the comic strip :) "Archie Comics"

Archie is cool, he is generous, well-mannered and always there for friends when in need. He is also a singer and plays the guitar in his band.

There must be something that makes the two of the catch the attention of his eye :D

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Nope, haven't lost sight of the 'Hero'...Just commenting that the Hero of the piece, is well, a little unhero like in my eyes.
Sorry if my take on Arch offends you, but, I really am not impressed by him...
About the qualities you listed,
Cool - Who isn't in Riverdale? Even Dilton Doily is... :)
Generous - Jeez, isn't he almost always broke?
Well Mannered - Well, handsome is what handsome does and the way he takes Betty for granted without appreciating or respecting her feelings and redeeming qualities, does not make him very well mannered in my eyes.
A friend in need - well, I am not entirely sure considering that it is his friends - Jughhead, Dilton, Betty, etc - who seem to be bailing him out....
And, hey, Ronnie and Betty are also in the

The Survivor said...

Nothing like that, just trying to have a healthy debate :)

So who is your fav character in the Archies??

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

:) :)
Healthy discussion is good...And,
I think I like Veronica the best...
Honestly,I outgrew the Archie fad long comic pick is calvin and hobbes...

Anonymous said...

Here's what Veronica told Archie about Betty... 'If you marry for love you will have dreary days and happy nights'.

Logically speaking, if Archie goes for Betty then the so called 'fresh moldy saccharine scented doughnut' as your friend aptly described would be removed from the equation.

So its her way or the highway. Archie chose the highway.