Monday, June 8, 2009

On Criticism

Two roads lie before a person criticised.

One is the high road, where she can examine the critical words for merit before reacting.
And, if she finds even an iota of truth in the harsh words, then, it is up to her to choose to change for the better.
Or, try brush it under the carpet of one's ego.
But, at least, she would have done the right thing of having looked within with brutal honesty, and introspected.

The second, which is the refuge of the weak and shallow, is to react like a cornered animal and lash out in rage. Without any thought what-so-ever.
To heap abuse and lies on the offender, making it abundantly clear to all and sundry that a raw nerve has been hit.

The first is the path of the wise, and, the strong.

And, the second, ....
Well...Now, what was it that the wise old men said about empty vessels and a cacophony?


The Survivor said...

That's true. No wonder I always find myself in the first category...

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Survivor, that is applaudable..
I try but digesting criticism can be difficult.Its easier when the criticism comes from friends, because then I know they mean well.
Though, I do end up introspecting more than reacting, there are times when I also end up crushing the critic with vitriol. Mostly when, after introspection, I find the criticism to be rooted in viciousness, jealousy or such negatives......