Monday, June 23, 2008

Moments of Magic

There is something so incredibly magical about watching the rain come down in torrents from the dark cloudy skies that echo with the sounds of thunder. Every now and then, silver-white-blue streaks of lighting snake across the darkness and break my reverie. Perhaps, it was on one such dark evening that a wise man, drunk on the beauty of the elements, came up with the adage about the silver lining in the dark cloud. I sit snug in my favourite chair on the porch with a cup 0f steaming hot masala chai and my cuddle bunny, Ging, in my lap. She hates the lightening, the water which drums on the grill and gently splatters us every now and then , and she absolutely abhors the roll of thunder. I am quite sure Ging would have been cowering in some dark nook of the house, probably under our bed, it had not been for my dogged determination to watch the heavens above go about their task of washing the world around me. Her sacrifice overwhelms me and my heart wells up with an indescribable sensation of love for my little kitty.
I am so glad that she is with me because in that moment in time, she completes my picture...Reinforcing my belief that sometimes in life, the forces around you conspire to add that magic master stroke on to your canvas to transform a special moment of contentment into one of pure unadulterated bliss.


Shail said...

The kitty, you and the rains! Wah, kya baat hai!! :D

Rekz said...

LOLS Shail, you make us sound like a whiskey commercial!!!
BTW, Ging on our laps is a rarity....She doesn't take too kindly to being man handled!!!


Soon that umbrella will come handy chechi :p