Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ging seems to be undergoing an identity crises of sorts !
I am not entirely sure what has brought this on but am hoping that my deadpan expression and overt lack of reaction will shake her out of what ever it is that is eating her. At the same time, I just cannot help but rack my brains to try figure out what the Beta moggie is up to...Could it be the trauma stemming from mommy's periodic disappearing acts from the moggie household? Not a pleasant thought that and one which is promptly stomped into nothingness by a conscience weighed down by guilt. Maybe, the stray copies of Vogue and Femina which now lie in the doghouse, have seduced yet another victim with their extravagant promises of a radical makeover. Ludicrous as this may sound, allow me to point out to all you dissenters that Ging is a monster of such devious devices that even the notorious Macavity would be put to shame. Nothing, I repeat, nothing at all can be put past this enterprising kitty. For all my theorising, this probably is just another one of her ' let's push mommy over the edge' gambits!!! *sigh*
All through the past week, Ging has been behaving in the most extraordinary manner. From a sonambulating kitty whose life revolved around her umpteen bowls of Whiskas, power tussles with mom and nightly cuddles with Dsk, Ging has metamorphosed overnight into a more responsible moggie. We didn't take much notice when she was up with the lark and set about to assist us with the supervision of our morning chores. To be honest, we didn't even realise that her intentions. So when our domestic help found herself being tailed by a very suspicious and highly vocal kitty, DSK and I paid no heed and blithely wrote off her vociferous mewy cribs and low growls as mere displeasure at the maid's presence. But we had to sit up and take note when Ging commenced regular patrols of the front yard, her beady eyes darting all over suspiciously in searching of armed and dangerous criminals...And the alarm bells were clanging loud and clear when she unceremoniously shifted her nap location from my favourite chair to the front porch and surprise of surprises, began napping with cocked up ears and a half open eye trained on the gate.

Fortunately for us, Ging seems to have a few lessr points to make with us and has brought down her aggresiveness several notches, prefering to be cuddled and hugged rather than engage in combat. I must confess that the sight of the wide eyed little mite stretched across DSK's broad ankles every night, desperately trying to maintain balance was a sight to behold. That she would eventually end up in an ignoble heap on the floor was inevitable. But all the same, it touched my heart to watch that trademark 'Nothing will prise me off daddy' look on Ging's stubborn face as she clung on till she fell, picked herself and clambered right back on. And it wrings my heart to watch her padding behind me all day long with her ' Lovie' face.
Its as if the mischievous cat has transformed into a feline pup of sorts..A suspicion which was confirmed when last night she strolled in, as cool as a cucumber, with a rather large but friendly dog in tow, just in time for a late night snack!!.
I was still mulling over this latest antic of her's when I happened to overhear our car cleaning boy ask Dsk if Ging was some kind of an hither-to unseen hybrid canine. For once I did not laugh. If it wasn't for Ging's dogged endorsement of Whiskas and her propensity for catnapping, I might have been fooled into believing that an alien space ship had transported Beta kitty to some unknown galaxy leaving, in her stead, some mutant dog encased in a feline body. Its not that I am not enjoying the puppy dog cuddles and lovies from Ging, but I kind of miss our old sparring matches and am kind of hoping that the aliens would come a visiting again to beam down our little kitty.



Chechi I just saw a Spaceship whizz by .. :p

Get well soon Ging

Rekz said...

:D :D
And Ging dragged my poor foot from under the blanket at 5:30 a.m to gnaw it to ribbons!!!
Kitty pup or Beta Moggie - Ur guess is as good as mine!!!