Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snake Skin Kitty!!!

5 a.m & I am rudely jolted into wakefulness by yet another nightmare with the wicked snake beastie in it. And as usual, I lie in the dark with my heart racing at the speed of light, wrestling with the eternal question that besets me in the wake of this nightmare- Could there be a snake beastie under my bed waiting to pounce on me as soon as I set my feet to the ground?
It takes me quite a while to calm down and just as I am drifting off to sleep again, I am once again jolted back to wakefulness by searing hot ribbons of pains that course through my feet. And then I sense my feet, now in the vice grip of razor sharp pincers, being dragged slowly but steadily across the bed. As surreal as this experience is, the unbearable pain mitigates any fond hope I may have of this being another bad dream!!!..This is for moment of reckoning with the snake face off with my nemesis...
Steeling my quaking nerves and calling upon all the Gods in heaven, I sit up ramrod straight to confront my nemesis. And I am met by a pair of luminous kitty eyes glinting evily at me. Ging!!!
I haven't the faintest idea as to where she was trying to drag me off to by my feet at that unearthly hour but the experience was all that I needed to eat my words about missing the good old Ging. I guess I spoke too soon. And I should have figured that the aliens would never ever keep her, even if it signified the end of their research of active life forms on planet earth. The peace was good while it lasted and I am glad I made the most of it because it is going to be a snowy day in Chennai before the aliens come visiting again!!!

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