Monday, September 22, 2008

Mayday Mayday Mayday....

Sometimes I amaze myself....
While I have been wondering how to balance my insane workload for the week and also make time for the little pleasures that my favourite city affords me, around me, the world as I know it seems to be crumbling into rubble.
This morning's headlines indignantly screamed that the Churches had been viciously attacked again...Vandalised and robbed by dastardly cowards in the darkness of the night. Quite understandably, the sentiments of the Christian community are hurt and they are now, up in arms. Amidst the finger pointing and the political blame game, the Chief Minister of Karnataka also confessed that the state had become a safe haven for terrorists.
And if that was not enough, the business pages only carried sombre reports about large scale lay-offs, liquidity crunches and businesses going bust. Even the normally frivolous Page 3 set the alarm bells clanging, with the announcement that Bangalore had been officially tagged as a 'highly insecure zone for working women'!!
The sky is indeed about to fall and I am no Chicken Little, clucking in paranoia.
It appears that the malaise has afflicted not just our nation but the world at large.... Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Spain, Germany....There seems to be no haven of peace left on this planet anymore.
Buried deep within the papers, there was also an article by Orcun Tezel about Green Being The Only Way Out. Considering the alarming rate at which the toxin levels are building up in our atmosphere, we, perhaps, won't have a planet to live on very soon...let alone a haven of peace. Who knows?
And why I am ranting in this vein?
I honestly do not know.
I woke up this morning with a sense of great unease caused by the realisation that all is not right in our world. And much to my dismay, I do not know how to set things right. Maybe this is the outcome of a premonition of impending danger. Or it is the sheer frustration of helplessness. It could also be anger rooted in the fear [and guilt] that things have spun out of control and may not be fix-able.
My emotions are not important in the larger scheme of things.
Knowledge is. As is for us to evaluate if we can afford to stave off reality anymore by submerging ourselves in the familiar....
Surely, even baby steps count.....

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Ganga Dhanesh said...

True Rekz...even the movies show scary scenarios...check out Wall E...