Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Martianian Fashion Muddle

" Bebs, what should I wear to the Investors' Meet on Saturday?"
I scowled in annoyance.... This must be the gazillion-th time Dsk was asking me this question.

I had already offered him my suggestions.Not once. Not twice...But, many times over. And, as usual, all of them had ricocheted off the thick martian skull and buried themselves in oblivion.
Perhaps he is just trying to irritate me, I thought darkly to myself.
" Wear a dhoti"
* startled silence*
"Wear a what???"
" A Dhoti..." I replied artlessly "You know what that is, don't you?....Panche in your language. Mundu in mine....The traditional piece of cloth which Indian men drape around their waist.."
* silence again*
My martian was now on uncertain territory but, going by past experiences, I could bet my last penny that he would not back down....Or admit that this was ground already covered...
" What I meant was, should I should wear my coat and tie?"
" Brilliant!!!....make sure you get a yellow and purple polka dotted tie..."

I found it hard to supress a giggle, as I imagined him staring at the phone in sheer disbelief.
" You mean over the dhoti???"
Not trusting myself to speak, I mumbled assent
" ....and I suppose I should wear my formal shirt as well?"
" Na na, your stripped T Shirt with the gaping hole on the chest will do"
" Which Tee? Which hole"
" You know, the one you spilt cold coffee on the other day? I was up half the night to get the stains out..."
My tone gets to Dsk, prompting him to back down a wee bit
" That is my lucky Tee...."
" All the more reason to wear it with the dhoti, black coat and the purple-yellow polka dotted tie"
* Ominous Silence*
" Are you trying to be funny?"
" No, I thought you were..."
" I can get sacked, you know...Or slaughtered..."
" Probably both" I assured him solemnly.
In the silence that followed, I could picture him thinking hard....racking his brains to get even....But eventually, my martian had to concede defeat...
" Imagine me in a checkered dhoti, yellow & purple polka dotted tie, a striped T and a black coat..." He guffawed delightedly "And what would I wear on my feet? Blue flip flops?" *more happy chuckles follow*
The words of ire faded away from my lips as I listened to him chortling gleefully. And then before I knew it, I was giggling too, at the ludicrous picture we had painted between the two of us...
As the wise men said, if you can't lick 'em, join em!!!


Ganga Dhanesh said...

lols...i can imagine the martian's expression...a spot of humor always helps, eh?

Miaow!!! said...

He He, you bet!!!
I repeated my fashion advice to some of Dsk's colleagues and to put it very mildly, the martians were not amused...
tsk, tsk....