Friday, March 27, 2009

Will The Goliath Fall Again?

A grey-black rodent scurried across the room, startling kitty into irritable wakefulness.
Its temerity, seemed to amaze her.
And, roused, the blood-thirsty huntress, sleeping within.
As it did, the primeval need to protect, that, which was solely hers.

I watched kitty arrange her face, into a mask of intense concentration.
And, determinedly stalk the mouse, to a hidey hole.

As its tail vanished into the dark depths, she furrowed her fuzzy brows, and, stared.
Willing it to reappear.

Much to her disappointment, the rodent, refused to oblige.

Kitty looks over at me, questioningly.
And, is miffed, as I laugh in her furry face.

But, she was not to be denied.
Feigning disinterest, she, languidly, decides to lick her paws, as she kept vigil.

As I watched the two, at their game, I was reminded of another battle being waged elsewhere in our country.
Between, a modern day David, who, has had the temerity, to challenge Goliath, in the heart of his kingdom.

Well, maybe not David.

For, David was a man.
And, if my memory serves me right, David did not dance his way into fame.

Nor, did he boldly march, into the heart of enemy territory, to issue his challenge.

The challenger, in this instance, is an audacious dancing girl!

A lady, of immense moral strength, who dares pit her singular strength against the might of the saffron brigade in Gujarat. And, more importantly, against their prime ministerial candidate, L.K Advani, none the less.

Or, has the famous danseuse, foolishly rushed in, where, even angels fear to tread?

Much has been said about Mallika Sarabhai's decision to toss her dainty anklets into the political fray.
Is she right?
For, those of us, who believe in change. And, a better India, for us, and, our children.
The answer can only be a resounding YES!

Mallika is a true daughter of the soil.
Having lived in Gandhinagar, and, being, firmly enmeshed in the fabric of its society, she has, behind her, the power of the social organisations, the support of luminaries, and, most importantly, as she claims, the might of the common man.

The Saffron Brigade, like my kitty, conveniently feigns disinterest.
Or, perhaps, it is beneath them, to acknowledge a dancing girl as a real threat.
Who knows?

India, it appears, cannot make up her mind.
Defeat seems inevitable.
And, yet, miracles are, also, known to happen.

Will The Goliath Fall Once More?

I sure hope so.


How deliciouly ironic would it be, if the BJP, & its rabid moral police squadron, were to taste defeat at the hands of a mere dancing girl???

Note: The reference to Ms. Sarabhai as the Dancing Girl, is not meant to be derogatory. Its usage in this post is with a good measure of sarcasm, as it is most likely, how Modi, Advani and the rest of the BJP goons would see the situation. Mallika Sarabhai is a highly talented individual, for whom I have the utmost respect.

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to Mallika Sarabhai! It takes a lot of guts and courage but yes .. the fall of this Goliath is doubtful. By the way, I admire Shashi Tharoor for his intellect and grasp of foreign affairs. But I fail to understand the connection between him and a person in say, Vizhinjam.