Friday, March 27, 2009

The Changing Times

Once upon a time, not so long in the distant past, the term ' Bombay Sisters ' would have conjured up visions, of a pair of kanjivaram*clad matrons, with gargantuan red bindis,** and, a coil of fragrant mallipoo*** tucked into their dark tresses, singing soulfully at a kutcheri****.

They were, without doubt, entertainers of immense calibre.

Today, one, can never be sure, if the reference is to artistes, or,traumatised victims of abuse.

The Times...They, sure, are a-changing!!!

*Kanjivaram - A district outside Chennai, renowned for its heavy silk saris.
**Bindi - The coloured dot favoured by Indian women as a form of adornment
***malli poo - Jasmine flowers
****Kutcheri - Carnatic Music Concert

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