Monday, October 5, 2009

An Affair Not To Remember?

The times....they are a changing!

Gone are the days, when men like Romeo and Devdas either died, or drank themselves to destruction to forget the pangs of a love lost.

At the movies this afternoon, a friend and I watched with aching hearts as the hero's friend broke his pensive contemplation of his drink, to hold aloft a diamond ring before mournfully informing his friend that his girlfriend had not only rejected his proposal, but had also dumped him.

As we blinked back the early prickles of salty tears at the back of our eyes, we were surprised to hear scattered laughter in the theatre. Despite the darkness, we could not help exchanging bewildered glances.

" People are laughing???" Every syllable of mine, resonated with consternation and indignation.

"New age wisdom, I suppose?" She hissed back at me, sarcasm writ all over her words .

And, we turned our attention back to the silver screen, expecting the hero to console his friend in the time honoured manner of Hindi movies. With sympathy, liquor and maybe, even a song and a dance.

Well, we were in for a disappointment.

For, on the large screen, the hero gleefully gurgled " I told you so..", amidst paroxysms of laughter.
And, the heart broken lover concurred " You told me so", with equal gay abandon.

" You are such a fool..."
They were, by now, rolling around, clutching their sides, barely able to contain their tears of mirth.
" I am such a fool...."

As the duo chortled away the last wisps of tragic romance out of the theatre, the two disillusioned romantics slumped into their seats, grateful for the anonymity of the darkness, as they manfully tried to join in the laughter that now echoed around them.

New Age Wisdom?
The Age of Cynicism?
Or, The End of Tragic Romance as we knew it?


The Survivor said...

They still exist but their numbers might have decline (BTW, don't think that Romeo and Devdas can be taken in the same breath)

I would say New Age Wisdom as he moved on instead of grieving which would have given nothing but pain.

BTW, which movie are we talking about?

Ganga Dhanesh said...

life with all its natural warts and pimples...finally!!!!

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Lol Ganga, pimples and warts describes it well...:)

Survivor, I guess moving on is more sensible than grieving...Why do you think Romeo and Devdas cannot be taken in the same breath? They are after all two of the greatest tragic lovers known to man...

The Survivor said...

Well, coz Romeo kills himself as he thought the love of his life was gone forever.

In the case of Devdas he himself was responsible for pushing away the love of his life.

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Aha, I agree with your point that Devdas had only himself to blame for the loss of his love...

My reference to both in the same breath was in light of their actions subsequent to the loss of the love of their lives...Not for the cause of the loss...