Monday, May 25, 2009

Where Has The Passion Gone?

Another hard day at work.
Of emotionally wrestling, and, of, trying to coax initiative, out of people.

Infusing positiveness into people, can, be exhausting.

Especially, in the times, we now live in.

It is, almost, as if, the recession has, churned to the surface, all, that is negative in people.
Fears, insecurities, frowns, withdrawals...mark the visages around me.
On strange faces on trains.
On the roads.
At homes.
At work.

When did people stop following their hearts, and, dreams?

When did money, and, status symbols, begin to matter more?

Where has the passion gone?
Or, is it that, it didn't exist at all, in the first place?

I wish I knew!


The Survivor said...

I am actually laughing now :D (not at your post, but at the irony that I find with me here)

People work for different reasons, and one will often find that most of the people don't really enjoy their work. They work for the sake of earning the bread & butter.

In my experience & others of, I have never seen passionate people move up, while others move up thanks to office politics.

No wonder in the longer run, they stop putting in the extra efforts and just get the job done and go back home..

The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

I guess it is rather idealistic...The thing is, I am very involved and passionate about my job..Probably because it involves a lot of my interests...And most of the people I know and interract with are quite passionate about their work...I find them to be sucessful and confident and very secure...
I guess when one does something he or she loves, then he/she puts his/her heart and soul into it and the results are there for people to see...sooner or the later...

Ganga Dhanesh said...

Recession or no recession, passion for life can take one far. Btw, I also see a lot of snapping these days in the housing complex I stay in, but i don't think it's because of the's just that certain basic cultural characteristics run deeper than the recession :) Will probably write a post on that or better still in the papers!